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life: some things i’d like to talk about with people interviewing for design jobs

i recently graduated with my mfa in design and my classmates and i have been hitting the pavement looking for internships and jobs. so, this post is really to people looking for starting positions. i also think that some of this applies to any interviewing process :)

without further ado: some things i’d like to address to designers interviewing for jobs (starting)

1) get your portfolio in order

  • you don’t have to have it perfect—after all, if you’re a designer, you’re probably always rethinking and wanting to redesign what you have
  • you DO have it have it somewhat complete and live
  • don’t have super long explanations unless you can present it in a way where it doesn’t feel very long. your portfolio is an introduction into your work and who you are—you want to invite, guile, and get people interested. your portfolio is not ALL of your work, but your selected best—it gets you that interview! 
  • *i’d like to add that for one-on-one or team interviews, you DO want to have a longer (possible PDF) portfolio that really details out your process of a project. beware making presentation slides; you talking through your decisions is the narration, there shouldn’t be too much text unless you’re emailing it to someone.

2) know the company who is interviewing you

  • do your research—know the types of projects they do, know the mission. if you can, try to find out about who’s interviewing you and look them up. linked in goes both ways!
  • so you’ve researched? what excites you? what can you bring to the table? you’ll have more to ask and to talk about with your interview group if you do some research

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cargo collective portfolio templates: counterform (rectangles) vs. hegel (squares). census? (i’m leaning towards hegel)

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image sourcing…

serious post. warning.

i try to source all images i’ve found on the interwebs—either to a site i’ve received it from or from the original source (if it’s not too hard to find). it’s recently come to my attention, via tumblr radar, that an image i created a couple months ago has been reblogged with my copyright/credit removed. the tumblr user has been sourcing other images, so i hope this was just an oversight. in any case, all designers or artists’ works are their creative babies. it’s always nice to see so many people resonate with the message we convey, but please respect their creative ability and work and link or source images you reblog/post. 

as a reminder?

i posted “punch today in the face" about 5 months ago—a time in my life where i NEEDED inspiration and motivation to get me out of bed b/c things were just…kinda horrible. this inspired me and i wanted to share that feeling of "go out and get them/show them what you’re made of!" 

this morning, artsyy was featured on the tumblr radar for her post in february. awesome that it’s getting over 20,000 hits, but please source the image! 

UPDATE: thanks for sourcing, artsyy! :D it’s a given that with image sharing networks like tumblr and pinterest we tend to lose the original credit after people post, repost, reblog, etc. i definitely appreciate your effort and understanding :)


finally got my own domain for my online portfolio. using tumblr right now and uploaded some photos of work and have surprisingly got followers! how awesome :D initially, the tumblr was going to be a placeholder but i think now i’ll have to develop my design i’d been working on into a theme :D

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