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flowy vest - zara

yogi racerback - lululemon

double-breasted checkered shirt - zara

stretch leggings - zara

fierce and bold fleece - nike

short parka w/ wraparound neck - zara

faux leather jacket - zara

leather jacket w/ pointed hem - zara

cocoon car coat - lululemon

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looking into getting a watch…

ASOS brushed silver grandad watch ($41.92)

ASOS watch with retro detail ($19.05)

OASIS denim strap watch ($47.64)

OASIS black gloss bracelet watch ($51.16)

OASIS black gloss watch ($41.92)


things i’m loving lately…

i just finished my final thesis review and great news! got my signatures from all the advisors and will graduate with my MFA in may. since then, i’ve been perusing things online and these are a few things i am loving/wanting lately…

emerson fry’s pilot jumpsuit $418

pansybag (on etsy) multicolor leather wallet $49

pansybag’s black leather envelope clutch $49

book design and layout by (via pinterest)

west elm la playa duvet cover set

toms chambray sandals


sprucing up

this holiday i caught one of the cold bugs that’s been going around. so while i rest with soup, tea, and other liquids that are supposed to make me get better, i’ve also been relegated to my apartment for several days—with the exception of an hour or two outside to get groceries. as such, i’m noticing A LOT of things that i’d like to update or organize. a major peeve of mine lately has been two small bookcases in my bedroom which house a myriad of objects: printer, photos, books, camera, film, gift packaging paraphernalia, medicines, sunblock, boxing wraps, and—for some reason—yarn. there’s no organization, there’s no nice display of curated objects. it’s literally piles of stuff shoved into two bookcases. one way that helps me organize is looking to replace the two with one larger, modern, clean unit.

alas, the ones i want? PRICEY. the previous post was me trolling on pinterest for other ideas; most of them were diy ikea hacks. i LOVE the unalibreria (by maurizi + pepa) but the scale seems very small. they use the ekby series and the brackets are only about 7”-8” tall. while i could work with the width (the longest being 47”), that height between shelves is minuscule for actual storage. the ikea hack with the now extinct enetri shelves seems like it would have been the best option. anyways, here’s my pull of what my dream bookcase would be and possible cheap-o bases to use and modify. 

sidenote: any recommendations on how to attach/adhere thin wooden planks to these metal shelves to at least get the look of wood and obscuring their metal understructures? (i would like to keep the metal frames”“).

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bookshelf ideas to replace two smaller shelving units. diy ikea hacks and more…

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been doing a lot of online browsing and lusting. nike’s got some pretty jackets and sweaters for working/post work outs. they’d translate pretty nice to regular wear, too… (warning, all over 90 USD, unfortunately). they’ll have to stay on my wish list


been wanting some black studs for a while now. ideally i’d want the alain earring from elephantine (on etsy) without the hook attachment and not as long (projects out). love the softness and simplicity. since she only has the hook attachment (top left), i’ve looked at other post options… 

top right: forever 21

bottom right: anthropologie (not black but still cute!)

bottom left: pink mascara

also, if i had the money, these pernille corydon rivet stud earrings from asos are awesome



the other day a bottle of water leaked in my purse and soaked everything, including my fabric wallet. my money, my id, my cards all smelled like old coconut water :\ a lame accident that has since spurned my desire for a new wallet (haven’t had one in 3 or more years). i don’t really NEED a new one; my fabric wallet has since dried and no longer smells—and i really can’t afford little luxuries anymore (hello grad school debt!). so, i did what a broke grad student does and just lust for stuff online (etsy)…

{1} antique crazy horse leather wallet: $32

{2} blue petal’s leather iphone wallet case: $35

{3} awesome women’s medium tan bifold leather wallet: $40

i can’t afford it and don’t really know if i really want to chuck my old wallet, but these are some nice leather ones i’ve been drawn to. so pretty and classic with a little bit of roughness…

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TOO by blue dot is being sold at target. i want this


more prints…

must wait for next paycheck to buy these:

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