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this holiday i caught one of the cold bugs that’s been going around. so while i rest with soup, tea, and other liquids that are supposed to make me get better, i’ve also been relegated to my apartment for several days—with the exception of an hour or two outside to get groceries. as such, i’m noticing A LOT of things that i’d like to update or organize. a major peeve of mine lately has been two small bookcases in my bedroom which house a myriad of objects: printer, photos, books, camera, film, gift packaging paraphernalia, medicines, sunblock, boxing wraps, and—for some reason—yarn. there’s no organization, there’s no nice display of curated objects. it’s literally piles of stuff shoved into two bookcases. one way that helps me organize is looking to replace the two with one larger, modern, clean unit.

alas, the ones i want? PRICEY. the previous post was me trolling on pinterest for other ideas; most of them were diy ikea hacks. i LOVE the unalibreria (by maurizi + pepa) but the scale seems very small. they use the ekby series and the brackets are only about 7”-8” tall. while i could work with the width (the longest being 47”), that height between shelves is minuscule for actual storage. the ikea hack with the now extinct enetri shelves seems like it would have been the best option. anyways, here’s my pull of what my dream bookcase would be and possible cheap-o bases to use and modify. 

sidenote: any recommendations on how to attach/adhere thin wooden planks to these metal shelves to at least get the look of wood and obscuring their metal understructures? (i would like to keep the metal frames”“).

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bookshelf ideas to replace two smaller shelving units. diy ikea hacks and more…

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finally finished the side tables! 

poplar top w/ walnut veneers, bent & welded steel legs: finished with polywipe & spray paint

*btw, experimented with bondo…definitely need more practice and general improving with welding :P

hot air balloon desk at Boys and Girls ad agency in dublin [via d*s]


love this idea! it IS about time! (via weekly wrap up pretty pegs | Design*Sponge)

agreed! i love the painted ends on those wooden legs :)

the contrast end tables. not completely done, but it’s a sneak peek into the progress. also, i’m interested in what color you think the legs should be. i have to paint them b/c my welding was less than stellar and have to bond-o. so, color suggestions? thanks!

awesome idea. esp. love the red & white on the left.

knitting eames chair by plainliving

i like pendant lamps. have you noticed? pill pendant lamps by designtree

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the piano table. multi-functional furniture :)

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sharing :D


Eero Saarinen Design Archive

Above and below are a few of the development sketches by Eero when first working on the Tulip Chair, made available by the Yale University Manuscripts & Archives.Very inspiring, and there is plenty more to be dug up in the archives.

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