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pretty awesome idea to keep the design muscles working everyday. 

10,000 lakes by nicole meyer

simple & effective branding for aava (design by bond agency)

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great packaging. i <3 the type. (belmondo products)

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about submitting preliminary designs…

i’m curious as to what other creatives think about submitting (a couple of) preliminary designs to interested clients prior to actually getting the job. what do you think about the practice? have you been asked to do it? have you done it? what was the experience like?

*the following is an anecdote i could use advice on. if not interested, skip to last 2 paragraphs*

i recently applied to do a design project for a client, we’ll call him/her Bob. Bob sounded very interested in my work and style as seen in my portfolio and expressed a desire to work with me. we exchanged emails where Bob provided a design brief. after reviewing the brief, i sent some questions to get a better idea of the direction, audience, purpose, etc. of the design. his reply asked me to refer to the brief. (this makes me think he’s not sure what he wants, either).

included in his response was a request to submit a few designs showing what concept i was thinking of, if i was still interested. Bob told me he has a design background and would also be very involved in the project if i was to be chosen…after submitting 3-6 designs where he could compare it to other designers he was talking to.

i have not responded, yet.

my question is, would this be a good idea? compensation isn’t bad but it’s not extraordinary…and given his indecision and uncertainty about the direction, i don’t know how working with him as a collaborator will go. 

additionally, let me ask you if you have ever participated in design contests/bids? i used to take part in 99designs; this is where several of my logos in my portfolio were submitted. it’s a lot of time and energy to create the designs, talk with the contest holder, and revise, redesign, etc. with no guarantee of getting paid. what do you think about this in terms of businesses’ attitudes toward freelance creatives? do you think it undervalues our work or maybe it’s just some sort of due we have to pay? i’ve seen some designers succeed using these avenues, but for the most part, participating always left me feeling cheated. i’m still undecided about how i feel about those things in what it means to the entire industry. 

i’m really interested in what readers have to say…

(also mentioned her the other day, but jessica hische really is awesome)

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as a studio space? how awesome would this be? i can see it applied to a whole variety of things. absolutely f’in lovely :) (from hus&hem)

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i never get tired of those eames chairs or those simple, sculptural bare bulb chandeliers :D 

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some office organization inspiration. i really like those chairs btw :)

office of jessica hische (who has an awesome site, too) [via d*s]

and this infographic/flow chart she made? hilarious:

home of levi’s collaboration aylin beyce [via refinery29]

love the light and the sun-faded bright colors.

inspiring interior space of rebecca goldschmidt's place in west oakland. bright, creative, and colorful. [via refinery29]

bright, colorful, simple, graphic letterpress cards from studio slomo [via ds*]

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