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what’s been going on…

school has been in session now for about 6-7 months. a lot has happened. grad life is busy, busy, busy (and also because it’s art school, you’re never truly away from assignments or projects). my work, to me, felt that it has improved; it’s become more formally grounded, there’s more logic and rationale behind the design, and there’s more conceptual connections.

however, school and all it brings (professional critique & stunningly talented and skilled undergrads) also has really fostered an insecurity and doubt that was present before but more subdued. now, it’s rampant! i recently had a talk with one of my instructors and he conveyed his concern about my ability to visually express all the critical thinking and conceptual thought i’m capable of (needed for my thesis development next semester); in comparison to my peers, i do lack the formal training and thus my foundations of design aesthetic is very simple and straightforward (which never used to be a bad thing). since this conversation, the doubt has tripled when i’m trying to produce work. it’s both worrisome because i feel like nothing is good enough or pushed far enough and slightly amazing because i am seeing myself push my own limits and thoughts (visually it’s a small push, mentally i feel like i’m tackling concrete blocks). 

in any case, i just wanted to share this experience and feeling. to other designers/artists: does the doubt ever go away? how can we lessen that insecurity? what roadblocks have you faced and how have you overcome them?

diggit, the friendly open house finder, is a smart app that simplifies your housing search for a more pleasurable and efficient experience.

diggit is an imaginary startup app/business created for the business of design class at california college of the arts (#ccamfadesign). if you like the idea, check out our indiegogo campaign ( and donate ($1 is perfect!). our goal is $500, each donation matters more than the amount of the donation :) all donations will be going to architecture for humanity, a nonprofit that explores design solutions for global social and humanitarian crises. 

cargo collective portfolio templates: counterform (rectangles) vs. hegel (squares). census? (i’m leaning towards hegel)

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a peek at a book i made a few weeks ago for my typography class. :) (classically typeset book)

love the graphic treatment of text :) [via dlf]

finally finished the side tables! 

poplar top w/ walnut veneers, bent & welded steel legs: finished with polywipe & spray paint

*btw, experimented with bondo…definitely need more practice and general improving with welding :P


since i’ll be heading off for grad school soon, i’ll also be moving in the next few weeks. i’ve loved the place i’ve been living for the past two years—it’s a convenient location for being in a suburb, and it’s AWESOME rent for the entire city. however, moving to SF will be a brand new experience and the place i’ll be moving into has charm galore.

moving has all it’s pros and cons—the con being mainly the packing and then, you know, the hauling of stuff. the pro’s? DECORATING. my roommate and i will have a long hallway for an art bonanza! so, in addition to my own work, i was also looking at society6 for some cheap prints. these are so up my alley :)

and this is AWESOME:

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font love!

there’s a sale going on at youworkforthem for the foundry, pintassilgo prints. here are some i’d want to buy:

[berimbau, what a cool name! :D i <3 capoeira-related things]



also, these are NOT on sale, but i want them, too:

[feel script from foundry sudtipos]

this brush set:

[brush set #15 by ben hibrar]

[scrawl brush by ben hibrar]

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before and after of InTheMo gathering space by Jen Chu [via d*s]


love this idea! it IS about time! (via weekly wrap up pretty pegs | Design*Sponge)

agreed! i love the painted ends on those wooden legs :)