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love the combination of drawings with watercolor (and possibly photoshop?) by gabriel moreno (on juxtapoz)

awesome work by cecilia carlstedt (featured on juxtapoz mag)

more prints…

must wait for next paycheck to buy these:

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i still love these! 

polaroid ceramic coasters by justnoey on etsy

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The Luminary Center for the Arts / Kickstarter Campaign

I know that most people on tumblr get exposed to Kickstarter campaigns left and right so it is beginning to become a bit numbing when you see yet another. But I only just found out about this one and it means something to me, so hopefully you internet folks can spread the word more about funding this project. 

If a metal pen can raise $282,000 (not trying to be offensive to that project, just using it as a skewed example) shouldn’t an Arts & Culture center be able to raise more than $3800? Whether you live in St. Louis or not please send this around so that it receives more attention. These folks use what little spare time they have to help promote Artists in the local community.


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this series is awesome. 

by sergio lopez [via juxtapoz]

love. would totally want this on my wall :D

by lena wolff via d*s

holiday season…

i’m taking a look at some wall calendars for the new year and thought i’d get one from etsy. here are my top picks:

[by le papier studio]

[by urbanbark]

[by sloe gin fizz]

[by le papier studio]

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definitely something my roomie and i say around the apartment. put in the portfolio or no? it does have stronger language…


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