life: some things i’d like to talk about with people interviewing for design jobs

i recently graduated with my mfa in design and my classmates and i have been hitting the pavement looking for internships and jobs. so, this post is really to people looking for starting positions. i also think that some of this applies to any interviewing process :)

without further ado: some things i’d like to address to designers interviewing for jobs (starting)

1) get your portfolio in order

  • you don’t have to have it perfect—after all, if you’re a designer, you’re probably always rethinking and wanting to redesign what you have
  • you DO have it have it somewhat complete and live
  • don’t have super long explanations unless you can present it in a way where it doesn’t feel very long. your portfolio is an introduction into your work and who you are—you want to invite, guile, and get people interested. your portfolio is not ALL of your work, but your selected best—it gets you that interview! 
  • *i’d like to add that for one-on-one or team interviews, you DO want to have a longer (possible PDF) portfolio that really details out your process of a project. beware making presentation slides; you talking through your decisions is the narration, there shouldn’t be too much text unless you’re emailing it to someone.

2) know the company who is interviewing you

  • do your research—know the types of projects they do, know the mission. if you can, try to find out about who’s interviewing you and look them up. linked in goes both ways!
  • so you’ve researched? what excites you? what can you bring to the table? you’ll have more to ask and to talk about with your interview group if you do some research

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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - Official Movie Site ›

never saw the mel gibson ones, but this looks awesome. also, the visuals for the movie have my interest piqued!

(via vineetkaur)

meaning vs. happiness

i was watching the commencement speech mindy kaling gave to the harvard law school graduation this weekend when my roommate also suggested to look at tim minchin’s “life is meaningless” commencement speech (here). filled with humor, minchin makes a good point that we spend a lot of time trying to find meaning in life and in doing so make ourselves unhappy.

an article in the atlantic talks about how living a meaningful life may make you unhappy but might offer a more satisfactory life overall. afterall, happiness is an emotion and thus unsustainable—it is fleeting and ephemeral. the comments people responded with seemed focused on blaming the pursuit of happiness on the stunted personal growth of the population (mainly about Americans). 

i see the points on both sides. happiness is about selfishness. it is about the ease of life and has nothing to do with hardships. surviving and learning from difficulty results in an enduring mentality; enduring must be preceded by having a reason to survive. a reason for living. meaning. at the same time, i think “meaning” has also led to strife—this is in combination with a multitude of other variables in the human condition; meaning is what we use to establish organized religion (and thus the need to have superiority or righteousness over other belief systems); “meaning” can be appropriated by individuals and institutions for an agreeable, blind following. “meaning” can be just as disastrous as the pursuit of happiness.

the article does point out that a meaningful life does not necessarily mean it is without happiness and vice versa (however, there is a strong persuasive tone that happiness is flippant and unnecessary). i think there isn’t really a specific side we must strive for; i think living thoughtfully, with reflection on our actions and intent, with appreciation and love, with consideration for others will lead to a larger sense of satisfaction in our lives. there is satisfaction in how we live (but is this not also a reference to pride?) and who we’ve affected. happiness is not an enduring emotion, but we definitely can experience it (in its many degrees) throughout our lives as a choice and as a perspective. 

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looking into getting a watch…

ASOS brushed silver grandad watch ($41.92)

ASOS watch with retro detail ($19.05)

OASIS denim strap watch ($47.64)

OASIS black gloss bracelet watch ($51.16)

OASIS black gloss watch ($41.92)


mfa. done! 



things i’m loving lately…

i just finished my final thesis review and great news! got my signatures from all the advisors and will graduate with my MFA in may. since then, i’ve been perusing things online and these are a few things i am loving/wanting lately…

emerson fry’s pilot jumpsuit $418

pansybag (on etsy) multicolor leather wallet $49

pansybag’s black leather envelope clutch $49

book design and layout by (via pinterest)

west elm la playa duvet cover set

toms chambray sandals


For Sale in SF: Cute, Dutch-Inspired 3-Speed Bike

2013 3-Speed Windsor Oxford Bike, size 46cm* in “ocean”

Comfortable seat and handles; adjusts easily. Comes with rear rack and a cute little bell. 

I have not replaced the break pads since getting this but I also haven’t ridden it as much as I had anticipated (driving has been easier since I haul stuff daily). The price has been adjusted to compensate that the buyer will probably have to get this maintenance issue done within a few months. 

Since it’s not getting much use, I decided to sell. Seriously inquiries only, please. Thanks!

*Ladies 46cm fits most ladies from 4’10” to 5’7”


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Found this old drawing on the ‘puter.
Glad to see I haven’t changed since 2010.

so true. i’d add in some solids of gray, blue, and polk-a-dots, too.

sprucing up

this holiday i caught one of the cold bugs that’s been going around. so while i rest with soup, tea, and other liquids that are supposed to make me get better, i’ve also been relegated to my apartment for several days—with the exception of an hour or two outside to get groceries. as such, i’m noticing A LOT of things that i’d like to update or organize. a major peeve of mine lately has been two small bookcases in my bedroom which house a myriad of objects: printer, photos, books, camera, film, gift packaging paraphernalia, medicines, sunblock, boxing wraps, and—for some reason—yarn. there’s no organization, there’s no nice display of curated objects. it’s literally piles of stuff shoved into two bookcases. one way that helps me organize is looking to replace the two with one larger, modern, clean unit.

alas, the ones i want? PRICEY. the previous post was me trolling on pinterest for other ideas; most of them were diy ikea hacks. i LOVE the unalibreria (by maurizi + pepa) but the scale seems very small. they use the ekby series and the brackets are only about 7”-8” tall. while i could work with the width (the longest being 47”), that height between shelves is minuscule for actual storage. the ikea hack with the now extinct enetri shelves seems like it would have been the best option. anyways, here’s my pull of what my dream bookcase would be and possible cheap-o bases to use and modify. 

sidenote: any recommendations on how to attach/adhere thin wooden planks to these metal shelves to at least get the look of wood and obscuring their metal understructures? (i would like to keep the metal frames”“).

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